Title: I Am A Young Zoologist
Language: English
Designer: -
Type of Graphic:
Science Centre; Science Teachers Association of Singapore; Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science; Singapore National Academy of Science
Dimensions: 2.2cm
Notes: These badges are given out as part of a scheme to stimulate interest in science amongst primary school children. Each student has to complete the activities listed in a relevant card and get them certified by a teacher before they can get the badge. There used to be 12 badges, but it has since been expanded to 16 (the four new ones are in bold) to reflect the new fields of science Singapore is interested in.

  1. I Am A Young Astronomer
  2. I Am A Young Botanist
  3. I Am A Young Chemist
  4. I Am A Young Ecologist
  5. I Am A Young Entomologist
  6. I Am A Young Environmentalist
  7. I Am A Young Food Scientist
  8. I Am A Young Geneticist
  9. I Am A Young Geologist
  10. I Am A Young IT Whiz
  11. I Am A Young Mathematician
  12. I Am A Young Meteorologist
  13. I Am A Young Ornithologist
  14. I Am A Young Physicist
  15. I Am A Young Water Ambassador
  16. I Am A Young Zoologist


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