Where else can you find out about visual and material culture in Singapore?


  • Signs of the times (1995) edited by Lee Chang Siang
    S.A.G. Books
    A collection of logotypes and trademark designs of Singapore.


  • Visualising Multi-Racialism in Singapore: Graphic Design as a Tool for Ideology and Policy in Nation Building (2011) by Leong, K. Chan
    Design Issues Winter 2011, Vol. 27, No. 1
  • A design of its time (2010) by Zhuang, Justin, The Design Society Journal #00: Redesigning the Parameter
    A survey of the publication design of Singapore’s leading newspaper, The Straits Times, from 1959 – 2009.
  • Where to next? (2010) by Zhuang, Justin, The Design Society Journal #01: Design Literacy
    A look at the evolution of Singapore’s public transport information system from a basic set-up in 1971 to a carefully designed brand that aspires to be a world class transport system today.
  • 100 Singapore icons: Brands that endure (2010) by Zhuang, Justin, CNNGo
    A video interview with Jackson Tan, Vice-President of The Design Society, about an exhibition featuring 100 of Singapore’s logos and brands.
  • See this citys’ voice (2009) by Zhuang, Justin, Singapore Architect #251
    An essay about the typefaces one sees in the city of Singapore.


  • POSTERS Database
    An online resource set up by the National Archives of Singapore that contains posters of old Singapore.
  • Singapore Public Art
    An open database where you can find out more about the public art around the city.